May 3rd 2013

This week we have been continuing to revise for our end of term exams.

In Numeracy we have been revising our 3D shapes and methods of  calculation.

In Literacy we have been revising persuasive devices and we had a debate on whether to knock down a block  flats or whether to renovate them. The outcome was to keep the flats but it was a very close decision.

During Geography we have been doing grid references on maps of Liss so we can identify where places are. We wrote down different words associated with the River Usk that we saw in a two-part film.

  In Science we investigated spinners and answered questions on a sheet we were given. For instance how far would the spinner go and was there any pattern in the way it went? What would happen if we made a bigger spinner? We investigated this, firstly in the classroom and then tested it out on the playground, to see what would happen to the way it behaved in the wind. After the investigation we charted our findings and presented them to Mrs Grant.

Written by Andrew and Oscar.

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