This week the blog has been handed over to the class. Here’s what some of them said.

In ICT, MG have been creating animations by using @I can animate’. The pupils have enjoyed this as it expresses their creativity and use get to use a web cam and a lap top/ipod,

We started off by making models out of clay, plasticine, playdoh or other equipment. We then put them against a blank piece of paper and acted out a scene. You do this by taking photos and once you have taken a photo you have to move the objects about 1/2 cm. After taking a number of photos, you can play the scene back and watch the action! Each picture is called a frame and you need a lot of them to make a scene so it takes quite a while to do this.
We will soon try to put some movies onto the blog so you can watch them yourself.
By Holly & Kasey


MG were very excited when they found out they were going to be cooking using World War II recipes. The class were split into groups and each made different items. We have made spiced cookies, honey cakes, carrot cookies and eggless cakes.
Our group had to wear hats and aprons that people in WWII would have worn. We followed a recipe that was on the wall so that we knew everything that had to weighed and the steps we had to follow.
Mrs Smith has been busy and has created a WWII recipe book for each child in the class to take home.
By Tilly & Holly

The whole of the Upper School have been making clay houses, WWII style. We have made a great deal of progress thanks to all of the parent helpers we have had!

Before we did our clay houses we drew a template out of paper so that when we made our houses we could lay them on the clay and cut around them.
Last week we had a ball of clay and we had to bang it about to get rid of the air in it before we rolled it out. After rolling it we were able to cut out the walls, base and roof.
It was wrapped in cling film to keep the clay moist for the next session.
This week we cut out the windows and doors in our walls and added decoration to the roof and walls. Some of our clay had dried out enough for us to build our houses and we have three completed houses in class now. The rest of us have to wait till next week to construct our houses. We will soon have a whole street of buildings!
By Kasey

So it’s all go in MG this week as we try to complete our animations and our clay houses. I will add photographs of the cooking tomorrow.
Have a good week!

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  1. Clare Dove says:

    It sounds as though you have all been really busy with your animations, wartime cooking and clay models.

    I really enjoyed the two animations on the blog – what a lot of hard work!

    How interesting to find out how people cooked and what they ate during World War II!

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