W/E 18th January 2013

It is a shame that the week ended with a Snow Day as the children and I were looking forward to beginning our clay houses in Design and Technology – still we will rearrange this for next Friday. It would be appreciated if the children could bring in old shirts to protect their clothing as the stock I have in class are rather old.

We have linked literacy with our World War II topic this week and have been making notes about rationing. These have then been used to begin creating our own reports using complex sentences.

Decimals has been the continued focus this week as we practised our skills in multiplication and division. Some children are still struggling to find a secure method for these computations and I will continue focussing on these on a 1-to-1 basis.

Our gymnastics has been going really well and I am pleased with the impact that the recent course I attended has had on the lessons. Once learning the skills, the children have had the opportunity to be creative, both individually and in groups, in applying these and we are all looking forward to transferring these skills to apparatus next week.

In science we have continued looking at living things and studied food chains. The children have really enjoyed these activities.

Thank you to all those families that were able to attend the consultations on Tuesday. Although for myself it was a long day, I am sure you will all agree that it was worthwhile and it was great to meet you all. If you have any concerns, or need to speak to me in the future, after school on Wednesdays and Fridays or Monday afternoons are the best times for me.

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