11th of January 2013

Happy New Year to you all! I hope you all had a relaxing Christmas break and I am pleased to say that everyone returned safely back in school, no illnesses or broken bones!

We have started our new topic- World War II and have already found out about the causes and main leaders involved. On Friday the whole school watched a screening of Carries War which is about a girl evacuated from London to Wales during the Blitz. We discussed this in class and the children may well want to talk about it with their parents.

We are beginning to write explanations in Literacy and use standard English in our work. Where possible we have been linking this to our work on world war II.

In Design and Technology we  have been thinking about World War II houses and will be creating these in clay over the coming weeks. The class are really looking forward to this.

Animation is the topic for ICT and the children will be filming their own animation clips. Some of the class are already busy making models at home. Their ideas  are fantastic and we will (try) to publish them in the class blog when they are completed.

Thankfully  this half term is not as busy as the last one but there are still plenty of things tolook forward to.

Year 6 will have the opportunity to gain their cycling proficiency badges  – details will follow later in the term.

And of course we have the school talent show to look forward to. Auditions will be starting shortly.

More importantly family consultations are next  Tuesday and I look forward to meeting all the Parents.

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