W/E 14th December 2012

The last two weeks have been busy ones
With lots of things to be done.
The bottle challenge was great fun,
We wait now to see if we’ve won!

The performance rehearsals are over
The big night is due today.
Judging by peoples reaction
It’ll be a big hit all the way!

In Literacy we have been trying
To read poems and comment on style.
We know all about alliteration
And how poets make people smile!

In maths we can plot positions
And shapes using coordinates.
We can collect our data in surveys
And interpret results really fast.

In Geography, tourism in Uganda
Brings our current topic to a close.
Where in the world will we be next?
I’m sure somebody knows!

Tag rugby is a team sport
You have to be quick and strong.
With CM sports we have a great time
Because we all get along!

We completed all of our art work
To Mrs Horrock’s delight.
Our perspective pictures look so good.
They have turned out just right!

So into the last week of term we head
With many things still to be done
With carol service, shows and parties
This week will be a busy one!

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