W/E 30th November

It was a sad week this week as we said good bye to one member of the class. Olivia and her family have moved out of the area and she will be missed. We also had another pupil in hospital for an operation and we spent some time making cards to wish them both well. Thankfully all went well with the operation and Immy will be back next week. Mrs Smith was also not well and missed by the children that she works with regularly.

In maths we continued working with measures and Monday was brightened up by a serving of double chocolate muffins made by some children in class. Using scales for measuring is a real life skill and something that can be practised at home. We moved onto converting metric measures to imperial measures.

Drama played a key role in literacy as we began studying play scripts and thinking about how the characters are portrayed through their movements and the words they say. I look forward to Monday when the children will be performing their own plays!

Anti Bullying week was a week late in LJS but we explored issues surrounding bullying and discussed how we can resolve them. Year 5 children were cracking codes to find encrypted messages and have the opportunity of submitting their answers in a competition – details have been taken by the children who were interested in this. The Beat Bullying website also has a lot of other fun activities that the children can do.

Year 6 children enjoyed the afternoon at the ‘Think Safe’ event at Queen Elizabeth Country Park on Friday afternoon. Thank you to the parents who helped out with this event.

The school calendar is getting busy as we near Christmas, with rehearsals in full swing and preparations being made for the Christmas Fayre. Children were asked to bring bottles into school for the tombola and there is a competition between classes to see who brings in the most. The prize is an extra class treat and it would be great if we could win this! So get those bottles into school!


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  1. Clare Dove says:

    What a busy week! Sounds like you have been doing lots of interesting things, but that you also found time to be caring to each other.

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