W/E 23rd November


This week we have been really busy in Maths. Having finished our topic on shape and space we began looking at measure, converting between units and reading scales.

The children were really pleased that they were able to join in with some practical activities which involved cooking (cakes, scones & gingerbread), and creating a cocktail for Willy Wonka himself using 5 different ingredients. Of course all of these activities involved accurate measuring and reading of scales.  The cakes were well received (and eaten) by the whole class and all members of staff! Some children will be continuing with these activities on Monday next week. I have included some pictures of children enjoying their cocktails.


Ted enjoys his home made cocktail


Cheers! It really was quite nice.

I have included some pictures of the sponsored walk this week as they were too late for last weeks post.

You can see how we got so muddy!


How many more laps?

In Literacy we have started to look at plays and how characters are portrayed through what they say and how they move. We even mimed a part of Midsummer Night’s Dream – the part where Titania fools in love with Bottom. Some children found this a bit embarrassing but it proves how much actors really have to act!

The weather has been changeable this week and the children have had to go without outdoor play a number of times. However, they soon find things to amuse themselves in the classroom. Some  boys have been constructing domino runs and many of the children have enjoyed playing with the lego.

Here's one I built earlier!


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