This week we were really lucky because  three rangers from the Queen Elizabeth National Park in Uganda came to visit us. After a whole school assembly they visited the classes and answered our questions.

Here are some of the facts we found out;

Everyone started work when they were eighteen. Abigail

There were over 600 hundred species of birds. Theo

The animals were kept in the park by digging wide and deep trenches and planting pepper plants in them, as the animals did not like the smell of the pepper. Very few animals ever escaped. Ella.

 They have a different type of banana which is green in colour. The banana never goes yellow. Jessica B.

The children wear a uniform if they can afford to do so. Adrian.

 The Ugandan Kob is one of  the National animals of Uganda and is also the most common animal in the park. George.

We  have started writing stories based in Uganda and have included some of the details we have learnt.

We held auditions for our Harvest play this week and the chosen actors are;  Adrian,  Ted, Abi, Immy, and Ella. Jess was chosen to be understudy. They will have to work hard to learn their lines.

In Numeracy we have worked on multiplication and have explored all of the methods. The majority of the children are now secure with this. Well done.

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