w/e 24th September

What a busy week we have had!

In only two weeks we have created our own countries which involved:-

  • maps
  • tourist leaflets
  • currency and exchange rates
  • government
  • national dance
  • national anthem
  • place of interest
  • language
  • national dish
  • national sport
  • animals and plants
  • a flag

The countries created in MG were:

  • Muna
  • Umbridge
  • Tropicana
  • Bubbledom
  • Mongoose

Each group created a powerpoint to show their country to the rest of the class, who then voted on their favourite to be shared with the whole school.

And the winner was…………….   UMBRIDGE

Under the watchful eye of  Tilly, Jess C, Theo, Milly and Peter the country was brought to life in assembly.

The group who accumulated the most table points was Mongoose – Holly, George, Tom, Brooke, Abi and Kai.

Well done to you all.

All of the class have really enjoyed the last 2 weeks and they pleaded to be able to continue it for longer (even for the whole year was one suggestion!). Alas we have to concentrate on new learning in the normal school subjects so that if, and when, we do a similar activity they will have more knowledge and skills to apply!

Here is a selection of work that the children produced.

The rainflower – a natural plant from Umbridge

The lost cave of Tamahawky from Tropicana

How to make the national dish of Muna

The currency of Mongoose

The wildlife from Bubbledon


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