Pro-Hunting by Kate Shally

I believe that fox hunting is a marvellous sport and should not be banned because:

It is an enjoyable and traditional sport which is great exercise for all the animals.  I think it was a despicable decision to ban this brilliant sport.   Surely you don’t want people to lose their livelihood, do you?

Some people might say that by hunting foxes they will become extinct.  However, in all probability for every 100 foxes killed, there would be 100 foxes born and evidence suggests that the rural fox population remains fairly stable.  You really do not want your great British countryside to be over-run with foxes, do you?

It is a well-known fact that farmers consider foxes to be pests because so many lambs are killed each year.  Anti-hunting protestors claim that foxes can be shot humanely by experts.  However, allowing fox hunting to take place is a much cheaper solution.

Those people arguing against fox hunting state that chickens are safe if properly fenced in.  Nevertheless foxes have a reputation for being cunning and from personal experience foxes always seem to manage to find a way in and get their prey.

In conclusion, I believe that fox hunting is an appropriate method of controlling the fox population.  I urge you to change your decision about banning fox-hunting.

Anti-hunting by George Glazier

I believe that fox hunting is an unnecessary sport which is cruel and harms the animals and should be banned immediately.  Would you like to be chased around the woods for a couple of hours?

Wildlife areas are damaged by the hunt passing through.  They damage the foxes homes and damage woodland.  Would you like your house to be ruined by hunters?

Foxes may cause stress to farmers, but if their chickens are properly fenced in, then they won’t have a problem.  If they do get the odd fox, then they can be humanely shot by experts.

By hunting these animals means more and more are being killed.  There are 250,000 foxes in Great Britain and on average each year 15,000-20,000 are killed by hunting.  More than 50,000-100,000 are killed on the roads, so the rural fox population would remain fairly stable.

Recent evidence is that foxes do suffer.  Foxes are animals and should not suffer during the chase.  Foxes do suffer when the hounds tear them apart.  Would you like to suffer while getting ripped apart?

In conclusion, although I understand that the fox numbers need to be kept down, there is a much kinder way to kill them than hunting them with dogs.

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  1. Clare Dove says:

    I enjoyed reading both of your arguments, Kate and George. You both managed to get across your viewpoint clearly and had some very interesting facts. Well done!

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