Alexander the Great, a well known military genius and Greek King, has been described for centuries as the most amazing man to set foot in human civilization.  Can there have been a mistake?  Read on and make your choice.

He was born in Pella, year 356BC, to the Greek King of Macedonia, Philip the Second.  After Philip’s assasination in 337BC by his own bodyguard, Alexander came to the throne.  He was only 20.  However, the young hero wasn’t satisfied with just ruling one kingdom, he wanted more!  So, in 334BC, only three years after he came to the throne, he set out to conquer Persia.

Leading an army of 35,000 men, Alexander went through good and bad experiences.  Once he sulked for three days in his tent because he forgot to pay his soldiers.  However, he was a great leader and loved by many of his people, even if he was a bad loser and a bit of an egotist at times.

Soon afterwards a dreadful thing happened.  Although Alexander had many horses, and many dogs too, he had a favourite.  Like many other men of those times would have.  It was named Bucephalus and a magnificent beast it was too.  As swift as an eagle, he could out run an army and a beautiful coat that glimmered.  Like starlight, every man adored him.  Alas, one day he was mortally wounded and died within a fortnight.

Poor Alexander! Even his hot head which had been held high until now, bowed down with shame and grief.

Soon afterwards, in the year 323BC, at the age of only 32, Alexander died.  Surprisingly, not on the battlefield with mortal injury, but of a fever and so ended the amazing 12 year reign of Alexander The Great.

by Leila Greening

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  1. andy greening says:

    Well done Leila. Your biography of Alexander was great. It made me laugh, smile and learn a lot. Thanks.

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