Fable: The Greedy Pig by Emily Walsh

Class CH wrote some very good fables last week. Here is a good example.

The Greedy Pig

Once upon a time far far away there lived a pig called Gordon. He lived on a very old farm. Gordon was very greedy. He was so greedy that he could have eaten a whole lamb for dinner and come back for a second helping. One day Mary the Duck asked Gordon to come to tea on Thursday.

So on Thursday Gordon went to Mary’s house. On the table was: 1 lamb. 4 sausages, 12 eggs, 5 chocolate bars and 2 pancakes. Gordon sat down and without thinking about Mary he ate ALL the food!

Gordon went home feeling full and satisfied. Mary’s mum thought her duckling had shared all the food with Gordon and must be full up, so she didn’t give her any dinner! Poor Mary went to bed hungry. From that day on she never spoke to Gordon again.

MORAL: Don’t be greedy because people won’t like you.

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2 Responses to Fable: The Greedy Pig by Emily Walsh

  1. Rebeca says:

    Very good Emily you must be proud of your work

  2. Kathryn Walsh says:

    Hi Emily, so proud to see your fable online, I look forward to keeping up with all CH’s news on their new blog

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