The Fossil Dig Kingdom by Dion

Here is the latest exciting installment from Dion.

This kingdom was the second one we visited. It was the closest kingdom to the Hat Kingdom. This kingdom was Aarons favorite and I loved it too. This kingdom didn’t have any people but lots of dinosaurs and extinct animals. Here’s a list of them, T-Rex, Spinosaurus, Utahraptor, Allosaurus, Megalosaurus, Baryonyx and many more.

This kingdom had a huge underground cave. It had fossils from the past from the Jurassic period, the age of the biggest dinosaurs that ever walked the earth. Ethan saw a painting of a cave man on one of the walls. Here’s a picture of it.

Well cave men and animals.

It was amazing because that means there was once human life on this kingdom.

The boss off this kingdom was a giant Triceratops called Great Horn. Here’s a picture of him.

He threated to kill Aaron!

After a long and tiring battle, we finally defeated him. He was guarding a star coin. Then we found a rusty old ship. It must have been what Hatty was telling us about. We found 3 more-star coins to power up the ship.  The ship rose before us then landed. We got on and discovered a map which showed lots of kingdoms. We set sail to the Shifting Sand Kingdom.

P.S The Shifting Sand Kingdom is the next one I am doing. See you all soon.

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Mika’s Tudor Project

As part of our History Topic Work, Mika decided to made a Tudor dress for her doll. Here are some pictures.

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Our Times Table Rock Star of the week is Eben. Well done Eben!

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Our Times Table Rock Star of the week is Lauren. Well done Lauren!

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The Jumping Jungle Kingdom by Dion

Here is the next instalment in Dion’s adventure series.

The Jumping Jungle Kingdom

The Jumping Jungle Kingdom was my favourite kingdom that me, Ben, Aaron and Ethan and the pets landed on, but this kingdom was huge. We got lost several times. The inhabitants of the kingdom weren’t happy. Powider had shot down the great statue of Lingene. Lingene was the greatest warrior of them all. She took down many monsters like giant moving trees or giant snakes. But she was kidnapped by Powider and was turned into an evil servant.  She was the boss that Aaron had to fight because she kidnapped us, but Aaron threw Casper at her and he broke the spell and she was back to normal.  “Thanks Aaron, don’t know what we would have done without you.”

The second biggest jungle

You all know the Amazon jungle in Brazil, it is the biggest jungle in the world, but on the shimmering sea the Jumping Jungle is the biggest. It is very well known for its huge rivers and forests.

The native wildlife

The Crackling Coral Kingdom had some amazing wildlife, but we saw many more brilliant ones. Black Caiman, Jaguars, Snakes but Ben saw the best one, a massive Green Anaconda. She was laying under a tree swallowing a capybara she had caught.

The non-native wildlife

There are many monsters in the Jumping Jungle Kingdom. Here is a list of some of them. Striped Tiger Snake, Nantons, Mud Inkers (jungle type) and many more.

The inhabitants.

The inhabitants of the jungle were friendly to us and gave us a map of the kingdom. There were many star coins to nab and there was a village.

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Papunya Art by Chloe

Aboriginal dot painting began 40 years ago in Papunya, which is in the Northern Territory of Australia. Geoffrey Bardon was assigned as an art teacher for the children of the Aboriginal people  in Papunya, near Alice Springs.  He noticed whilst the Aboriginal men were telling stories they would draw symbols in the sand.  Bardon encouraged his students to paint a mural based on traditional dreamings on the school walls. The murals sparked incredible interest in the community. So, Bardon encouraged them to paint the stories onto canvas and board. 

However, the Aboriginal artists soon became concerned that the sacred-secret objects they painted were being seen not only by Westerners, but Aboriginal people from different regions that were not privy to their tribal stories.

They did not want them to understand or learn the sacred, restricted parts of their stories so the artists decided to eliminate the sacred elements and abstracted the designs into dots to conceal their sacred meanings.

Chloe has been inspired by the Papunya paintings and has created some of her own.

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Bohunt School Year 5 Virtual Taster Day

Bohunt School Y5 Virtual Taster Day

Dear Parents and Carers,

I hope this letter finds you and your family safe and well in these challenging times.

Your son/daughter is invited to attend the Bohunt School Virtual Taster Day on Thursday 25th June.

Each subject department has created an online workshop as an introduction to the education experience at Bohunt School, which your son/daughter will be able to access via the transition web page below. The page will also include links where you can access more information about Bohunt. The ‘Virtual Taster Day’ webpage will remain live for the rest of the academic year so your son/daughter can access the content at their convenience.

Please find the link to the Virtual Taster Day web page, which will be live from Thursday 25th June.

We ask that you complete the survey which is embedded into the website to help us review our provision.

If you have any questions about the transition process at Bohunt at this time please do not hesitate to get in contact.

Yours faithfully,

Mr Jonathan Ager-Hayes                                                        Miss Lucy Broad

Year 5 Transition Lead                                                            Head of Lower School                                        

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Pine Class Poetry

Last week, Pine Class were writing poems based on the Dreadful Menace by Anonymous. Here are two that I have received. Well done boys!

The Summer Spirit by Jack

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Our times tables Rock Star of the week is Ruby. Well done Ruby!

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The Theme Park Bear by Megan

There once were two friends called Scarlett and Joe who went to a theme park together on a summer day. Joe was small with a white hoodie and navy blue jeans while Scarlett was tall with a colourful short sleeved top and shorts with long blonde hair. Their mums brought them to this theme park every summer so they could play while they sat and chatted for a while.  

They were having so much fun they went on roller-coaster, a merry go round and ate a lot of freshly made candy floss. But when they were walking around eating their sixth bit of candy floss they noticed something weird. Since they go to this theme park a lot they know every game or ride. They were walking around when they realised that the Hop and Pop Game had disappeared and swapped for a game called The Black Hole, they were interested so they decided to play it. When they went for a closer look they saw that the man who was working there had a black hoodie hiding his face but every now and then you could see his face but when you do see it all you could see were two bulging red eyes and nothing else. Scarlet and Joe said hello, but he didn’t answer instead he put out his scaly hand out for the money, Scarlet and Joe slowly passed him the pennies, their hands shaking like jelly. He quickly snatched it but he didn’t even start the game he just passed them a disheveled brown bear called Sebastian and turned around like they weren’t there in the first place.  So they left, putting the bear in the bag. 

The next game they went to was called the Lucky Spin where you spin a wheel and see what prize you get so the children went to it. The wheel was about the size of a bus, since it was so big there was a button you press to spin it.  They pressed it together and they won a fluffy toy Australian Shepard called Sam which Scarlet stuffed in the bag filled with sweet wrappers and the weird bear.

Suddenly a flash of lightning appeared and the bag started wriggling the children peered inside nervously and they found a tiny bear and a tiny Australian Sheppard which as soon as they open the bag they grew to full size Scarlet and Joe ran off but instead of barking and angrily chasing after them the dog ran to them screaming and saying help!

The dog caught up with the children, they all stood there panting for breath. As they turned, they saw that bear’s eyes were gleaming like fire. With one swift movement that bear pounced at them. They jumped to one side and the bear landed in a huge puddle of mud. They carried on running and Sam, the Australian Sheppard dog started explaining what had happened.

He explained how the lightening came from a special cloud that made anything it touched come to life. The bear had been made by a mad scientist, unlike the dog which had been made in a normal toy factory. Only the magical blue candy floss could turn the bear back to a toy. They started running between every food stand asking if they had blue candy floss. None of them did and the bear was nearly catching up with them!

Joe tripped and slid towards a huge oak tree. As he came to a stop he felt a sticky thing underneath him. As he stood up he saw it was some glistening blue candy floss. Scarlett and Sam ran towards Joe. Sam hid behind a nearby bush, whilst Scarlet and Joe climbed the big oak tree, taking the candy floss with them. They started to make a whistling sound. Sebastian the bear, stopped and listened, then ran in that direction. As soon as Sebastian was close, Joe dropped the blue sticky candy floss on him. The bear was covered in the sticky goo and slowly began to shrink back to normal teddy bear size. They cautiously climbed down the tree and placed it in a bin. They went to find Sam in the bush, to their surprise he had not shrunk and was still a real dog. Sam said that it only worked on evil toys and that he would now be a real dog forever.

Scarlet and Joe went off to find their Mums, their new friend happily trotting alongside them.  They hoped that their next visit to the theme park would be less strange and that the new game would be shut down, back to their old favourite Hop and Pop!     


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