Tudor Week 2021

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The Shifting Sand Kingdom by Dion

This was the third kingdom we visited and it was a huge desert. This kingdom was deadly. There were cactuses, quicksand and the most dangerous thing was the heat. This kingdom was very large.  It didn’t have many monsters because of the heat but here is a list of some: Huge scorpions, hairy snakes, huge camel spiders and garters.  Some of the native animals were turned huge by Powiders dark magic including Sidewinder snakes, scorpions, camel spiders, camels and many species of lizards.

There were some small villages with some strange people. They were called Kidides. They used to have a huge water fountain but Powider destroyed it!! He also stole the huge diamond ring that belonged to the queen of the kingdom, but she was so rude to us we didn’t give it back. It is now an artefact in Lauren’s castle. Here is a bit of the Queens speech.

“Get my ring back you lazy boys.  I want it back and don’t even bother rescuing your princess until I have my ring back”.

But then Aaron said this. “No, we will not get your ring back. How dare you blame it on us. No wonder everyone hates you. You’re a bad queen. I think Powider is a better ruler then you”.

Then I said. “Aarons right, if you were a good queen you would care more about your people than your precious ring.”

Then we fought the boss of the kingdom.  It was a massive camel spider. Here is a picture of it.

Ethan was terrified because he hates spiders, but the camel spider is not a true spider. It has 10 legs while normal spiders have 8 legs. Any way it captured me, Ben, Aaron, and the pets. So Ethan had to face his fear and defeat the beast alone. We were so relieved when he did it that we ran over to Ethan and we had a big hug together. You should never tease someone about their fears. Then we found 10-star coins and we headed off to the next kingdom.

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Our last Times Table Rock Star for the year is Penelope. Well done!

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Our Rock Star of the Week is Aaron. Well done Aaron.

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Mika has been busy again over the last few weeks. Here are some of her English projects.

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Dragon School Advert by Aaron

Dragon School

Are you a keen dragon trainer? Do you want your own extraordinary pet? Well if you do then we have just the place for you!

If you are interested, read the leaflet below about where and when you can get one (but you do have to attend a few years of Dragon School to make sure you are able to properly care for one first). We provide everything you need at the school so you won’t have to bring a thing (except clothes) so come to Dragon School!

Why Choose Our School?

We have absolutely outstanding classes here at this magnificent school, including:

  • Flying lessons to learn how to take off, land and control your dragon in the air.
  • Dragon tricks for professionals – you can only do these after you have passed your test in flying lessons for health and safety reasons.
  • How to cook food for dragons – this is probably the easiest of them all because dragons will pretty much eat anything expect ketchup (don’t ask because we don’t know why, but they just won’t eat it).
  • How to speak Dragonise. This is a very important class because if you can’t talk to your dragon then you can’t have one.

We hope you like the sound of all these classes, however our school only gets better!

Study here and you will have an extraordinary time. You will also be given an awesome dragon as a pet. Choose our unrivaled school and you will get ready made cages, up-to-the-minute food made by our wonderous keepers and a multitude of dragon training equipment.

Discover the delights of dragons and apply today!

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The Fossil Dig Kingdom by Dion

Here is the latest exciting installment from Dion.

This kingdom was the second one we visited. It was the closest kingdom to the Hat Kingdom. This kingdom was Aarons favorite and I loved it too. This kingdom didn’t have any people but lots of dinosaurs and extinct animals. Here’s a list of them, T-Rex, Spinosaurus, Utahraptor, Allosaurus, Megalosaurus, Baryonyx and many more.

This kingdom had a huge underground cave. It had fossils from the past from the Jurassic period, the age of the biggest dinosaurs that ever walked the earth. Ethan saw a painting of a cave man on one of the walls. Here’s a picture of it.

Well cave men and animals.

It was amazing because that means there was once human life on this kingdom.

The boss off this kingdom was a giant Triceratops called Great Horn. Here’s a picture of him.

He threated to kill Aaron!

After a long and tiring battle, we finally defeated him. He was guarding a star coin. Then we found a rusty old ship. It must have been what Hatty was telling us about. We found 3 more-star coins to power up the ship.  The ship rose before us then landed. We got on and discovered a map which showed lots of kingdoms. We set sail to the Shifting Sand Kingdom.

P.S The Shifting Sand Kingdom is the next one I am doing. See you all soon.

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Mika’s Tudor Project

As part of our History Topic Work, Mika decided to made a Tudor dress for her doll. Here are some pictures.

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Our Times Table Rock Star of the week is Eben. Well done Eben!

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Our Times Table Rock Star of the week is Lauren. Well done Lauren!

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